About Us

About CamperPedic™ Specialty Custom Mattresses

Welcome to CamperPedic™ RV Mattresses available through Specialty Custom Mattresses, and selected local RV dealers.
Our hand crafted luxury mattresses are made in the USA with all new American materials. Our company was founded in Tennessee in April of 2010 after months of research. In the first few years, we mainly sold in Tennessee and Kentucky and now we sell anywhere in the Continental USA. We have now developed a collection of all-foam RV mattresses that are top quality and very comfortable.The new CamperPedic™ Casual, CamperPedic™ Comfort, CamperPedic™ Cozy, and CamperPedic™ Caress Collections are designed to meet your RV needs to sleep as well in your RV as you do at home.

Why consider the CamperPedic Mattress?

1. Custom made to fit your needs in any size or shape.

2. Throw out that old mattress that’s keeping you up and let CamperPedic give you a good night’s sleep.

3. No more painful pressure points, tossing or turning.

4. For Allergy sufferers our foam is dust mite resistant and hypoallergenic.

5. We offer from 3 to 20 year non pro-rated warranties.

6. Made in the USA!  We don’t sell cheap import mattresses. Our RV mattresses are manufactured  in the USA with all new American materials.

7. Our RV mattress comes to you compressed and rolled just before shipping. Shipped anywhere in the Continental United States within 2 to 3 business days.

Our goal is to supply you with a quality RV mattress at an excellent price, for a great nights sleep.

For RV mattress information, see one of our dealers or email [email protected]