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Welcome to the road to comfort. Your sleep is the reason for buying a mattress. It should not be the cheapest priced mattress, mattress on sale, or something free. You want a good night’s sleep. You spend 1/3 of your life sleeping so sleep is the most important thing to consider in buying a mattress. You should sleep as well in your RV as you do at home. We produce mattresses that are designed to meet your RV needs for comfort. All of our Camperpedic™ Mattresses are made in America with American materials. We sell great mattresses at excellent prices. They are fully customizable in size and shape and are available with cut or rounded corners where the need arises. Looking for a new mattress or a replacement mattress for your RV, boat, horse trailers, semi truck, bus or home? Then this is the place for Top Quality Custom Luxury Mattresses. Most new RV’s come with the cheapest and thinnest mattress possible. We offer mattresses up to 10 inches thick with up to 20 year warranties. We offer any size, cut off corners, rounded corners or any shape mattress. View our products¬†